The Little Red Planet

The sun and the moon, the yin and the yang, the divine masculine and feminine that resides in all of us has a certain unwavering beauty with children. As they search for their individuality, creatively expressing themselves in many mediums, children have a unique carefree way with fashion, one that somehow gets lost for many of us as we get older. Luckily, there are few amazing kidswear brands that take us right back to the playful and quirky aesthetic of childhood with their bold colors, powerful messaging, and powerful prints. Bobo Choses, Barn of Monkeys, Molo, Sometime Soon, and Beau Loves (to name a few) all create collections without he or she in mind but instead us. And the best part – they do it with ethical practices in place. Photographer Anna Palma and I had so much fun exploring the unisex paradigm with Xavier and Coco this past month in our twinning story, Luna y Sol. Here are some of my favorite unisex pieces from the story and from my new online children’s boutique, The Little Red Planet. Hope you are inspired as we were!

From Mars With Love,