S.a.r.k is a new label by London based stylist Lauren Grant.

S.a.r.k is an homage to the white shirt – a piece that Lauren has come back to again and again in her work and her own wardrobe, and is a staple on the icons that inspire both. “The formality, the heritage and the way the white shirt works as a blank canvas somehow encapsulates fine tailoring and effortlessness at the same time” – Lauren Grant.

In S.a.r.k, the perfection of the shirting is subverted by the irreverent detailing. This detailing is inspired by a collage of Lauren’s own teen memories. Of bad habits, Tracey Emin and other YBAs, Guy Bourdin glamour and suburban Boots stores. In Collection One this is manifested in glossily painted metal fake nails, as buttons and shiny prozac pills – the kind you’d see in Valley of the Dolls… or a friend’s mum’s bathroom cabinet and prettily rendered cig packets and Bic lighters (which the designer collected as a teenager, despite never really smoking.)

Lauren’s upbringing in suburbia outside London, and more glamorous images drifting over the Atlantic, inform designs that look classic from a distant…but different and decadent close up. Quality and provenance are very important to S.a.r.k. Metal buttons are made bespoke in Birmingham and all shirting is manufactured and embroidered in London using 100% superlative cotton.